Monday, 16 February 2015


5IVE-FOLD ENT. – Liam Graham
Profile: Shane Mac

Shane Mac
Rap Battle & Hip-Hop Emcee

Location: Windsor, Ontario

Gender: Male
 Age: 27
Battle Record: 15 – 3 (W – L)
Meaning Behind The Name: “Master at Communication”
Contact Platforms: Twitter - @shanemac519; Facebook –; Versetracker -

“Shane Mac, These Lames Whack, The B*****s smile when they look at me, you already know.”

Shane Mac is an enigmatic entertainment figure coming out of Windsor, southern Ontario.  Born in 1987, Shane grew up exposed to rap/ hip-hop and started challenging other emcees to impromptu house party battles without a film crew. Three years ago he made his on-camera debut thanks to Windsor’s Border City Battle Club (BCBC) and ever since, Shane has been on a warpath.  Now in his adult years, Shane has appeared in multiple leagues and boasts an impressive battle record: determined to establish himself further as a strong force to be reckoned with in the battle-rap movement. 

Shane’s current plan is to continue to build his battle-rap fan-base so he may use his recognition to get a jump-start advantage on his mix-tape concept. As well as planning a mix-tape, Shane Mac is aiming to get himself state side this year and further expand his presence in the battle-rap/hip-hop movement.

Enigmatic and entertaining, these two words sum-up the creative presence Shane is continuing to build for himself.

“If you want bars, I got bars. If you want Schemes, I got Schemes.  It’s what the crowd wants, I am a performer.”

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