Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Revelation: Battle-Rap and Hip-Hop Emcee


Battle-Rap and Hip-Hop Emcee

Location: Barrie, Ontario Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Battle Record: 5 – 1 (W – L)
Meaning Behind The Name: A divine takeover and manifestation of truth and will that entices change.
Contact Platforms: Youtube – revelation705;  Instagram – 705rev705; Facebook – Revelation Hip-hop;  Email – revelation705booking@gmail.com;  Versetracker – versetracker.com/rapper/revelation

“It’s Revelation: 705crew, StylinFlow, Naughty-North and Lqiuid-Chrome.  Those are the people I rep for.”

Revelation is a relatively fresh-faced addition to the local battle-rap/hip-hop movement.  Born in Toronto, Revelation moved to Barrie before he was a year old, and considers it his home.  Revelation made his on-camera debut at one of StylinFlow’s many fresh Friday events in Belleville.  The battle was done over beat against battle-emcee Genghis Khanscience and can be found on StylinFlow’s YouTube channel.  Not long after his emergence into the battle league game, 5IVE-FOLD BATTLEGROUNDS ENT. Caught wind of Revelation and booked him for their first volume event.  Since his 5IVE-FOLD debut, Revelation has proven to be a formidable addition to the roster, and it doesn’t seem like he intends to back down.

Aside from battling, Revelation studied Music Management at Durham College.  Revelation and StylinFlow Entertainment’s JL Prophet are currently working on an album that will be released around April.  There is a single out to promote the album on YouTube titled, “watch the flames,” for fans to take in.  Revelation’s current plans are to touch people’s lives with his music and establish himself as a distinguished battler among the competition in the battle-rap movement.

“I like the competitive nature of Hip-Hop.  It keeps me focused and doesn’t let me slide.”

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